STM32 on Linux in 2021

Hi all. In recent months I wanted to restart one of my older project, CNC plotter done with stepper motors from old CD drives and controlled with STM32 microcontroller and because of that I needed to get myself familiar again with SMT32 microcontroller and it’s IDE. And with a little twist. I wanted to do … Read more

How to connect to AWS EC2 Instance from Windows 10 and Linux

Hi all. Do you want to start with web development and/or developing Rest Full database? Maybe the AWS (Amazon Web Service) is good way to start. There are a lot of Amazon Services, but for this blog we are focusing on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 and how to connect to AWS EC2. … Read more

Clone HDD to smaller SSD on Linux

Starting point How to speed up your old Windows laptop? Simply, install Linux and upgrade hard drive to solid state drive. First, let’s try Linux. My choice of Linux flavor is Ubuntu 18.04. It is currently installed on old HP Compaq nc6400 ( After installation of Ubuntu on laptops larger HDD (Toshiba 1TB), we can … Read more