ESP32 Car Hacks: Add IoT to Your Vehicle – Power ESP32 from OBD port

Hi all. Welcome to the blog post about how I integrated ESP32 into my Car over the OBD2 port. In this post, I will cover the part on how to Power ESP32 from the OBD port, or actually how to power ESP32-S3 from 12V. There are multiple ways how this can be done, but I … Read more

Learn with ChatGPT – Round LCD Display

Hi all. I will take a reasonable guess that you know what ChatGPT is and that you are probably being bombarded with content on how to make money with ChatGPT without moving a finger, or how to fix your life problems by engineering better prompts for this AI wonder. And ChatGPT is amazing, but I … Read more

Step-by-step guide: PCB from Schematic to Fabrication and Assembly

Hi All. I would like to create this post with all step by step guide with all info for PCB from Schematic to Fabrication and Assembly. This is a set action that I did a couple of times every time it seems that I can forget something, so this should use even as a guide … Read more

Maximizing the ESP32’s Potential with ThingSpeak and MQTT IoT Protocol

How to send data from your IoT project to the cloud? Is there some free solution for prototyping porpoise on which you can grow later if you decide? Maybe ThingSpeak is a good solution and can be a good way to send IoT data to Cloud. So let us begin. In IoT (Internet of Things) … Read more

Best Internet of Things development board

Hi All. After writing my last post I was researching M5Stack company a bit more and I think that I have decided that in my mind M5Stack Core2 development board can be one of the best Internet of things development boards in the market. And here me why? Almost finish product M5Stack Core2 is actually … Read more

How to add USB type C to ESP32 development board

Hi all, In this post, I will cover how to add USB type C to ESP32 development board, or any other PCB project that you want to create. But, why? Why I’m creating a custom ESP32 Dev board when there are a lot of thirty parties boards on the market? Why USB type C? The … Read more

How to add ESP32 to KiCad

Hi all, in this post, we will add a new schematic symbol, PCB footprint, and 3D model view for the ESP32 variant. There are some ESP32s included in the default KiCad library, but the variant that I would like to use, the ESP32-S2-Wroom model isn’t. You can find the datasheet for ESP32-S2-WROOM at the next … Read more