Switching to Linux

Switching to Linux

Major Change

HI all I’m starting one major change in my life, I’m switching to Linux in 2020. This is a dream of mine and a couple of times I tried, but every time the change lasts for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. Now I would like for change to be more permanent and to document that process, in a first place for me so that I don’t forget. I think that I will organize this into a short blog post and see how everything is working out.


Switching from windows 10 to Manjaro. Why Manjaro? Basically I don’t know. Always wanted to try Manjaro I guess. In the past I tried a lot of distros Ubuntu, Fedora, MX Linux even BunsenLabs, great disto that I used of USB stick for my first on site job. I really don’t know why I never completely switched to one of these great Linux distros, but now Manjaro has a chance.


I added an additional SSD hard drive for Linux, and I will have dual boot for now. For my job I need LabVIEW and that is still a Windows only program as I know, so for now I need Windows as well. Nevertheless I will try to use Manjaro for every day task and try to switch my daily habits for Windows to this linux distro. From  work, to software coding, from PCB design to gaming and see are Manjaro and myself compatible partners for the future.

So let the journey of switching to Linux in 2020 begin.  

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